“We are called the Jewish Community Foundation of El Paso.  Simply put it’s people who have philanthropic and endowment funds that make up what we are.  We support a variety of Jewish institutions in El Paso and elsewhere from the desires of the people who created the endowment funds.”

There are many types of funds available through which donors can establish their charitable giving.  Some distribute funds during the donor’s lifetime.  Others are endowments funded after death. Below is a list of the most common funds offered. Please contact the Foundation for other options that may be available.


Donor Advised Philanthropic Funds
Established by the donor(s) to make donations to charitable organizations.

• Minimum $1,000 to start a fund.  When it reaches $10,000 it will begin to have distributions that go toward the organization(s) that the donor wants to support.
• Established by the donor(s) to make donations to charitable organizations. Donor recommends distributions to any Jewish charitable organization, preferably in the El Paso or Las Cruces area.
• Can be utilized by individuals, families or for children to allow entry into the world of charitable giving.
• We offer a variety of ways for our Donors to give through a Donor-Advised Fund:

Traditional Donor-Advised Funds:

A simple way to give to the charitable organizations you support regularly or on a single occasion. Once the fund is set up and reaches $10,000, you make grants of approximately 4-5% of the fund’s balance to any synagogue or Jewish charitable institution of your choice.  The Foundation takes care of the paperwork and provides you with a yearly report of your fund.  Tax deductions for the full amount of the fund can be taken immediately, but grants can be made in future months or years.