“ Our legacy is to ensure our grandkids and their children enjoy vibrant Jewish lives and perpetuate Jewish values.”
– Bob & Sara Shiloff

Whether you’re an individual, a family or an organization, let your values drive your legacy planning. Whatever is most meaningful to you, we can build together.

Remember: You do not need to be wealthy.  Everyone can – and should – make a plan to carry on their vision beyond their lifetime. Think about your community as if it were “one more child” to nurture into the future.

Use our Declaration of Intent form as a planning tool.
Start by listing the organizations and causes that are near to your heart. What do you support today? What would you like to help thrive into future? Then envision the possibilities. What dreams would you like to fulfill?

Consider allocating a percentage of your estate to your community, rather than a specific dollar amount.  Your legacy is about your values, not about the zeros.
Involve your children or other significant people in your life.  Share and discuss your values now, so they know what is important to you.

Know that you can establish your legacy plan today, then revisit it and make changes later as your priorities or life circumstances shift.
Think of us as your personal foundation. Our planning services are free – so talk with us as often as you like.