Jewish Community Foundation of El Paso seeks

Impact Grant Proposals

The Jewish Community Foundation of El Paso announces that they are seeking proposals from

nonprofit Jewish Agencies, organizations, and Synagogues in the Greater El Paso region to help

enhance Jewish life in the region. The Foundation anticipates that these kinds of grants will be

made yearly and the grants program will be a competitive process. They are seeking proposals that

offer programs aimed at either one or both objectives: 1. Providing core human services and 2.

Increasing Jewish engagement. Special consideration will be given to collaborative ventures

focused on one or both objectives.

“We are fortunate that we have proceeds from the endowment created by the sale of the Chai

Manor building to distribute to Jewish organizations within the community” stated Cliff Eisenberg,

President of the Foundation. “The money that was raised in El Paso for Chai Manor came from the

Jewish community and so the benefit of the funds should go towards making an impact here.

We’re seeking proposals for new programming or for the expansion of a current program. Grants

can also be requested with multiple year funding if that is needed.”

Eligibility includes all nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations, synagogues and programs with a fiscal

sponsor that serves the Jewish population of Greater El Paso. This means someone with a great

idea that collaborates with a Jewish organization as the fiscal sponsor would qualify. “A good

example of the sort of programming that would qualify for this was a program the Foundation

funded last year called Shalom Shuttle where Jewish seniors in our community could get

transportation to attend either Jewish events or to make visits to the doctor” Cliff stated.

Individual organizations are eligible to apply for up to two grants with a maximum combined total

of $36,000. Multiple organizations working together are eligible to apply for collaborative project

proposals and these collaborative projects are not limited to the $36,000 cap.

All proposals are due by Tuesday , March 31, 2020 by 5:00 PM  and can be submitted to the Foundation at

Applications can be found on the Foundation’s website at

For more information contact or contact Sue at 915-842- 9554.

Download Application Here